Our Team


Carrie - Lee Home & Furniture ReDesign

Carrie is one of the most talented people Experienced Possessions has had the pleasure of working with! ALL of the pieces she takes under her wing become breath taking home statements.

Some things old are better than the new because of their history, and we appreciate that more than anyone! That’s why when you comes across something that needs a little TLC we know who to turn to - Carrie Lee! Come into the store and ask for a tour of her one of a kind features we proudly represent. OR if you have something that you still treasure but it just doesn’t seem to work, Carrie is willing to take a look and sprinkle some magic!


Jessie Clutchey - Social Media/ Website Design

Hello reader! I have recently graduated from Ohio University with a Communications Major, Marketing Minor and Veterans Affairs Specialty. Working with local business’s on their social media in the Powell Ohio area is the current plan till October, when I will move to Clarksville Tennessee!

If you are looking for assistance on growing your internet presence reach out to my personal email jnclutchey@gmail.com with a brief description about what you are looking to achieve! Thank you for visiting Experienced Possessions Online!


J.D. Barone - Wood Work

Living in Galena, Ohio with his beautiful wife Beth, and two sons Joey and Landon. Joey has special needs and has a rare disorder that is very similar to Cerebral Palsy; he is 1 : 20 people known to have it in the world. Landon is just as amazing, loving school and everyone around him with all his heart. He just completed 1st Grade and cant wait for next year!

Joey continues to do artwork because it is a great creative release. “To me, using the wood to create beautiful artwork is so satisfying. I pin butterflies and moths because I think they tell an amazing story and share a lesson for everyone to think about.” You can see J.D’s work featured throughout the store!

Staging/ Buffing



Please call us for more information on moving your items in or out of the store.

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